Book Review: The Beautiful Pretender

The Beautiful Pretender, by Melanie Dickerson

Rating: 7.5/10


Avelina is the maidservant to Lady Dorothea, the daughter of the Earl of Plimmwald. When Dorothea runs away with a knight, Avelina has to pretend to be her and is sent to the castle of the Margrave of Thornback, who has to choose a bride. Avelina must make sure she isn’t chosen while at the same time securing safety for Plimmwald. But when Avelina hears men conspiring against the margrave, she must do all in her power to save him, even if it means falling in love.


This was another excellent fairytale retelling by Melanie Dickerson who, in my opinion, is a great author. It was a charming book, with the usual romance and a quest and it was nice to see familiar characters from The Huntress of Thornback Forrest. The characters were well thought out and had good morals; I especially liked the margrave. I found the ending similar to other Melanie Dickerson books but it was still a good book and I look forwards to reading more in the future.


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