Book Review: Raelia

Raelia, by Lynette Noni

Rating: 9.5/10


Alexandra Jennings has come back to Akarnae Academy for another year of schooling. She is eager to see her friends (not so eager for combat lessons) but Aven is still on the loose and a threat to Meya. Alex must find the Meyarins and warn them, but it might not be enough. And when she is assigned a mission in her Stealth class (which she didn’t try to get into anyway) her simple mission may end up costing many lives.


Thoughts: Every time I read this I have the same ending thought and it is JOOOORDAAAAAANNNN! It pains me again and again… *clearing of throat* Right. Focus.

This book had a great plot and was really cleverly written. One of the things that made it amazing was the characterisation. The characters were so real and distinct and they really led the story, especially Alex, whose sense of humour I loved. All of the reasoning behind the character’s actions made sense and I really connected to Alex. The whole world Lynette Noni created was spectacular and I wish I could go and live there.

Overall, this book was amazing and everyone who loves fantasy or adventure fiction should read it.


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