Book Review: Stormswept

Stormswept, by Helen Dunmore

Rating: 7.5/10

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.21.50 PM.png

Morveren lives with her parents, twin sister Jenna and younger brother Diggory on a island of the coast of Cornwell. One day Morveren hears a boy calling for help so she goes to investigate. Much to her shock, it is not a boy calling but a mer-boy, who needs her help to survive. Morveren hides Malin the mer-boy in an enormous rockpool but she needs Jenna’s help to continue caring for him. Then Diggory gets involved and Morveren knows her secret’s not safe any longer. She has to save Malin. But how?

Thoughts: I liked this book and seeing new characters in Ingo. The book was interesting and had a good plot but I felt like if it was a bit longer the characters could have had more depth to them. The backstory behind Conans fiddle was really clever and I longed to learn more about how Morveren related to the Mer. To me, the ending was a  bit unsatisfactory, (I kind of felt that she should have stayed in Ingo,) but that’s a personal opinion.

Stormswept was an enjoyable read that I recommend to younger readers who love fantasy and/or mermaids.


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