The Chosen One Cover Reveal Competition!

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Draekora, by Lynette Noni, is coming out in April 2017! This third instalment in the Medoran Chronicles promises to be as suspense-filled and captivating as Akarnae and Raelia and I can’t wait!

The Medoran Chronicles offer a fresh new take on the fantasy genre. Lynette Noni has created an amazingly detailed world, peopled with realistic characters with whom I can identify. The description in the books is so vivid that I feel like I am with Alex and her friends, in Medora. I connect with Alex (the protagonist) and her friends because even though they’re living in a fantasy world their problems are similar to mine. Alex’s sarcastic remarks make me laugh, and remind me that even in desperate situations I can find joy. When Alex makes a mistake, like with the dilberry juice, she learns from it and bounces back and she’s easy to get along with because of her fun and friendly attitude.

In Draekora, I expect that Alex and her friends will try and rescue Jordan, who won’t want to be rescued because Luka is alive and Aven is holding him captive. Alex will also be developing feelings for Kaiden, whose secret probably plays an important part in the novel. Alex will also be developing greater powers and will have to decide how to use those powers for good and not let them control her.

I expect a deep purple colour to dominate Draekora‘s cover because dark purple reminds me of dark night, and Alex must learn to control her own dark powers. Purple is also associated with ambition which represents Aven’s ambitions for Meya. I predict the writing on the cover will be silver and Alex will be standing in a field of nightshade flowers, her silhouette light against the dark sky.

Unknown.png <– This colour

IMG_0518.JPG  IMG_0515.JPG



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