Book review: A Study in Charlotte

A Study in Charlotte, by Brittany Cavallaro

Rating: 9/10


Jamie Watson, the great- something grandson of the famous Dr Watson meets Charlotte Holmes at his new school. The descendant of the great detective seems to want nothing to do with him and keeps to herself until she and Watson are framed for murder. They have to work together to solve the mystery, but they won’t be able to if they can’t trust one another.


Brilliance. Pure brilliance. I think what I liked most about this book was the cleverness of plot and just the idea of having the descendants of Watson, Holmes and Moriarty interact in the modern world. There have been many books where there was a brilliant idea behind it that wasn’t expressed properly, but this wasn’t one of those. The characters too were cleverly developed and flawed; especially Charlotte Holmes. It was good to see her changing throughout the novel and becoming more tolerant of Watson and accepting of her own limitations. I loved the idea of having the murders tie back to the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – this was really clever and exciting.

This book was fabulous and to anyone who has read a bit of classic Sherlock I cannot recommend it enough. Now I need the next one!


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