Graceling: book review

Graceling, by Kristin Cashore

Rating: 10/10


Katsa is a Graceling; meaning she has an exceptional natural gift in an a certain area. However Katsa is Graced with the Grace of killing, a gift she does not want. Her devious Uncle Randa, the king of the Middluns, uses her to harm his enemies and make everyone afraid of him. She has found a way to rebel and has formed a secret Council that fights against Randa and the other seven kings’ evil deeds in secret. But when the King of Liend’s father is kidnapped, Katsa is drawn into a more deadly plot, involving a Graced boy with a golden eye, an heir to a throne and a very dangerous man. Katsa must learn to control her power- and her feelings- in order to save the kingdoms.


I adored this book. It was brilliant, while at the same time painful and heartbreaking. There were several times when I put it down and screamed or yelled. The characters had so much depth and were realistic and flawed and I became super attached to them. Their choices were important and they really led the story. Especially the ones with I secrets I was really eager to find out more about. The plot was amazing and soooo suspenseful, I could not stop reading! The twists and turns in the story were quite shocking.

I loved the idea of Graces and can’t wait to learn more about these. Also, I saw loose similarities between this and Rapunzel, I don’t know if the author intended this or not. The whole world was really interesting and now that I’m somewhat familiar with it I’d like to read more books with the same setting.

Graceling was an amazing read and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who likes fantasy, quest or adventure books.


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