Fangirl: Book Review

Fangirl: by Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 8/10


Happily ever after, or even just together ever after, is not cheesy. It’s the noblest, like the most courageous thing two people can shoot for. -Fangirl

Cather Avery hates change and doesn’t want any part of it, her twin sister Wren, however, loves it. Cath and Wren are Simon Snow fans if you could call them that, they love Simon, they go to midnight launches of the books, dress up in Simon Snow outfits and write Simon Snow fanfiction. Even since their mother left, Simon Snow is what helped them cope. Now as they leave for College, Cath has to make decisions, that as she is finding out, she doesn’t want to make. And to make things even more complicated, handsome boys are appearing from all corners of her life.

Thoughts: I absolutely loved this book!!  I just read it for like the 5th time. Absolutely amazing! It is a heart touching story. It has a sense of realism (that most of the books I read lack) and is fantastic. I would recommend this to everyone I know, but I find that my friends try to drown me out when it comes to books.


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