About us: 

Novels in the Night-time is a book blogging site ran by Hannah and Bella, two Aussie book addicts. We love to read mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, adventure and detective books especially those in the young adult genre and we often mourn or celebrate for fictional characters. We’re animal lovers and especially adore our cats who seem to think they own us. When we’re not reading (an extremely rare occurrence,) we will be dancing, listening to music, writing our own books or petting cute animals.

Behind the Name:

We called our blog “Novels in the Nighttime” because we share the bad habit many bookworms have- we read late into the nighttime and sometimes into the next day because the book is simply so good we can’t put it down. Do you know the feeling?


Disclaimer: all pictures used are either free for the use of the public or are the sole property of the author/s. All books mentioned on this site are the trademarked works of other authors and we acknowledge this so please don’t sue us!