Book Review: Stormswept

Stormswept, by Helen Dunmore Rating: 7.5/10 Morveren lives with her parents, twin sister Jenna and younger brother Diggory on a island of the coast of Cornwell. One day Morveren hears a boy calling for help so she goes to investigate. Much to her shock, it is not a boy calling but a mer-boy, who needs …

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Book Review: Raelia

Raelia, by Lynette Noni Rating: 9.5/10 Alexandra Jennings has come back to Akarnae Academy for another year of schooling. She is eager to see her friends (not so eager for combat lessons) but Aven is still on the loose and a threat to Meya. Alex must find the Meyarins and warn them, but it might not …

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