DRAEKORA: book review

Today is an important day. Today is the day Draekora, by Lynette Noni, is officially released to the world! *cue celebrations*

Draekora is the third book in the Medoran chronicles and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this amazing book from Pantera Press earlier this year. It has been probably my most anticipated book of 2017 and it didn’t fail to live up and surpass my expectations. So, in celebration of Draekora‘s release, here’s my book review.


Draekora, by Lynette Noni

Rating: 9/10

Alexandra Jennings has finished her second year at Akarnae, Medora’s school for the gifted, but she still has a lot to do. The rebel prince Aven is still at large, and Alex must confront him to save one of her friends from his power and stop Aven from claiming any more lives. To prepare herself to face him, she must complete a Meyarin warrior trial. But an unexpected meeting in the forest takes Alex into the past, where everything is very different, and where Alex’s decisions could have disastrous results.


This book was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It was not the expected next year at Akarnae, but instead involved time travel, dragons (draekons) and such an intricately woven plot that kept me in suspense down to the last page. Alex’s character grew a lot over the course of the novel and as always, Lynette Noni had me feeling like I was part of the story. Although I wished Kaiden could have featured more, I thought it was really good to have Alex away from her friends, in an unfamiliar setting and see how this impacted her decisions and the events of the series. Alex and Aven’s relationship was really important to the story arc and I can’t help but think of if things had gone differently for them what may have been. The whole book revolved around Alex’s choices in the past and this concept was intriguing and expressed really well. There were some moments in the book that had me totally shocked and this shows how well the plot was written.

Draekora was an amazing adventure that thrilled me and I cannot recommend it (and the rest of the Medoran Chronicles) highly enough. Lynette Noni did an excellent job and I’m itching for the next one already!


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